Church History: Jewish Backdrop

Before we start our long, meaningful journey into church history, there is a crucial point that needs to be made. The word “church” truly begins in the New Testament, but we must see that church history starts even further than that. Church history has a beautiful Jewish backdrop. We must realize that the apostles did not … Continue reading Church History: Jewish Backdrop

The Three R’s: Why Christians Sing

It is the first Monday of the month so we will be discussing worship through song today. The other day I read an article from a man whom I really respect, Bob Kauflin. He is the head guy of Sovereign Grace Music and the one who leads the music at Together for the Gospel. His … Continue reading The Three R’s: Why Christians Sing

Truth and the Consequences of its Denial

The truth is an essential element to every person’s outlook of the world. Without truth, we would descend into anarchical chaos. However, this most foundational building block of civilization is being challenged by the students at Pomona College. Here is the background: Heather Mac Donald, a conservative journalist, was invited to speak at Pomona College. … Continue reading Truth and the Consequences of its Denial