Satan Hates Masculinity

The Reformed Alliance

For those of you that do not know me, I am Ashton Clark. James asked me to write a post, on a topic of my choosing, to be published on Wednesday. I was thrilled by the gracious offer extended to me and jumped at the opportunity. Thank you, James, for allowing me the opportunity to write for your blog and thank you, reader, for the time you have taken to devote to the reading of my thoughts. I hope you find them thought-provoking and God-glorifying. I have chosen to write about the influence of Satan in Western Culture’s women’s clothing.

This may seem like a bit of an overstatement coming from a man. “What right have you to discuss these issues?” you may be asking. “You aren’t a woman, so you don’t get a say!” may be another charge leveled against me. My response to these allegations: I am a…

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Is God a Male Chauvinist?

The Reformed Alliance

In an ever changing world which thrives on progressivism, there are talks concerning religion and its consequences. What is believed to be a consequence is sexism. Now more than ever, religion has been accused of suppressing women’s rights, preventing women’s suffrage, and segregating women. With the rise of feminism, women are beginning to question the validity of the Bible and just how much God is concerned about equality.

In 1895 and 1898, a…Bible (if you can call it that) was published by a feminist by the name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Now Stanton was actually a very educated woman and an extraordinary leader, though I disagree with some of her causes and beliefs of manhood. She arranged for her, and 26 other women, to begin reworking the Bible, and commenting on “sexist passages”. Stanton believed that what she did was a work of God, by reworking the Bible in order…

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The Frightening Thought of Being Used by God

Soul Food

I told my wife, Michelle, “You know – when you have a cause you strongly believe in, you want to get the word out to the masses. But, when it does begin to get out to the masses it is somewhat terrifying.”

I recently wrote a blog about suicide and the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Apparently, it struck a chord with the public because, in a week’s time, it was viewed just under 200,000 times in 154 countries. In addition, two local TV stations ran stories on it. You can view those stories here, and here.

As the blog I wrote spread I have been forced to continually fight off fear and insecurity. I’ve lost count of how many people from all over the U.S. – and close to home – have contacted me to talk about their own painful journeys. The more people who contacted me…

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Worldview Movie Review: Monsters Vs Aliens

Tonight, we look at Monsters vs. Aliens! This film is one of the most entertaining and funny movies made in the last ten years. Let’s talk about it! As a Christian parent looking at this movie, there is very little about which to worry. As movies go, this one is quite mild in its language, … Continue reading Worldview Movie Review: Monsters Vs Aliens

Youth Ministry: Is it a Lost Cause?

I very sternly disagree with James here and plan to respond with my thoughts on Sunday. However, he lays out his ideas quite nicely and this is a friendly debate to have. It is very important for us to interact with those with whom we disagree. As in all things, Soli Deo Gloria!

The Reformed Alliance

Just by reading the title, I can imagine many people already being put off by it. Many young Christians (and even older ones) would be surprised to find how many people are really considering this question. Youth ministry has become a part of the modern Evangelical churches. Some parents would even leave a church because of the fact there is no youth group that engages their kids. This question comes off as absurd to anyone who grew up in a standard American church. It’s the equivalent of asking if Sunday school, kid’s ministry, and worship ministry were lost causes as well to many Christians. At the same time, many of those who have inspired me to go into ministry have asked this question so often that I couldn’t ignore it.

As a person who started in youth ministry, and is still involved with it to this day, I have contemplated on…

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