The Reformed Alliance

In an ever changing world which thrives on progressivism, there are talks concerning religion and its consequences. What is believed to be a consequence is sexism. Now more than ever, religion has been accused of suppressing women’s rights, preventing women’s suffrage, and segregating women. With the rise of feminism, women are beginning to question the validity of the Bible and just how much God is concerned about equality.

In 1895 and 1898, a…Bible (if you can call it that) was published by a feminist by the name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Now Stanton was actually a very educated woman and an extraordinary leader, though I disagree with some of her causes and beliefs of manhood. She arranged for her, and 26 other women, to begin reworking the Bible, and commenting on “sexist passages”. Stanton believed that what she did was a work of God, by reworking the Bible in order…

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