IMG_0421Some of my friends and I started a biggest loser contest yesterday. We plan to shed the pounds for at least eight weeks, hopefully triggering a life of being more healthy. Today, I would like to share my motivation in participating in the contest. I hope these three reasons motivate others who may also struggle with their weight.

Better sleeps equals a better life. Why should a follower of Jesus Christ desire a better quality of life, in regards to feeling better each day? One word, sanctification. Better sleep helps a person feel better and think better, which results in a better life. And, when we feel and think better, we have more energy and willingness to love God with everything and love others as ourselves.

I desire to model healthy living, first and foremost, for my kids. How can I encourage my kids to live a long, healthy life in service to the Lord, if I am not doing it myself? For parents, the greatest mission work/responsibility is within the home. Part of bringing our kids up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord is teaching them how to live the most effective life for the Gospel and that definitely includes living a healthy life.

A follower of Jesus Christ must also strive to live a life worthy of imitation by other believers in their local body of Christ, especially if they are leaders within the church. We must model a healthy way of life for each other.

A longer life means more time of giving our lives in service for the Kingdom of God. A follower of Christ who truly desires others to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ will desire to live a long, faithful life of spreading the Gospel.

May we all, overweight or not, be motivated to live a long, healthy life of service to our Lord.
En Cristo Solo!

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