I very sternly disagree with James here and plan to respond with my thoughts on Sunday. However, he lays out his ideas quite nicely and this is a friendly debate to have. It is very important for us to interact with those with whom we disagree. As in all things, Soli Deo Gloria!

The Reformed Alliance

Just by reading the title, I can imagine many people already being put off by it. Many young Christians (and even older ones) would be surprised to find how many people are really considering this question. Youth ministry has become a part of the modern Evangelical churches. Some parents would even leave a church because of the fact there is no youth group that engages their kids. This question comes off as absurd to anyone who grew up in a standard American church. It’s the equivalent of asking if Sunday school, kid’s ministry, and worship ministry were lost causes as well to many Christians. At the same time, many of those who have inspired me to go into ministry have asked this question so often that I couldn’t ignore it.

As a person who started in youth ministry, and is still involved with it to this day, I have contemplated on…

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