The University of North Carolina just won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, and that is not even the biggest story of the day for North Carolina. The real news from North Carolina is the rescinding of HB2, commonly known as the “Bathroom Bill.” Last year, North Carolina passed a bill that required people to use the bathroom that corresponded to their given sex. If you were born a boy, you would now have to use the men’s restroom, and if you were born a girl, you would be required to use the women’s room.

This bill caused a great deal of controversy upon its passing. Celebrities actually boycotted the state as well as businesses. More important than some of the businesses, however, was the response that came from the sports world. The NFL and NCAA mustered all of their coercive strength to try and get this bill repealed. The bill stood for a year despite all of this negative publicity. Then came basketball season.

The NCAA ended up being the straw that broke the society’s back. They vowed not to schedule another postseason game in the state of NC while the bill was enforced. It was only a matter of time before the state sacrificed its morals on the altar of ticket revenue. Today, the NCAA responded to the recent repeal of the bill by “reluctantly” agreeing to schedule postseason events within the borders once more.

This is a catastrophically bad situation for a number of reasons. First, with this protection gone, churches and other religious (Christian) businesses are now going to be in the cross-hairs of a number of creepers who claim to be women to gain access to the women’s restroom. The government’s response will be something to the effect of “Don’t be a bigot.” Second, the bill did not really discriminate. Sure, it mandated that a person use the restroom that correlates to their sex at birth, but no one is walking around saying, “Show me your birth certificate.” Legitimately troubled people that have gone through “sex-change” surgeries are usually pretty convincing. At least, they are convincing enough that no suspicion is aroused when they waltz into a bathroom that corresponds with how they look. The bill only gave these places the authority to stop people who are obviously men from going into the restroom with little girls. And lastly, Jesus makes this astoundingly simple for us:

Matthew 19:4 (ESV)

He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female,


Jesus said it. That settles it. Soli Deo Gloria.

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