IMG_0269During our discussions of organizing this blog, I committed to writing one post a week. So, I will now be posting on a weekly basis on Mondays. I appreciate Ashton’s work and leadership on organizing this blog. We really believe God will use this site to edify and feed His sheep. Since the Lord has given me a passion for music, leading worship through music, and blessed me with musical education, I will be writing on music on the first Mondays of each month. These will consist of lyrical reflections, worship theology, worship leadership, and other similar topics in regards to music within our corporate worship.

This week will be a lyrical reflection. I came across some news a few months ago that literally shocked me. This news ended up bringing me to anger. There are many songs that I love due to their richness of Christ and doctrinal truths, but there are many more songs that I hate due to their Christ-less lyrics that teach nothing. Carrie Underwood’s Something in the Water is high on the hate list. The terrible news that I came across is the fact that this song was sung at one of the most popular annual Christian conferences: Passion Conference. Now, there is no issue with Carrie Underwood as a country music artist. She has a beautiful, strong voice. The issue is the country music star, Carrie Underwood, PERFORMING at a so-called Christ-centered conference, while singing a song about “salvation”. I encourage you to reread the previous sentence if you did not catch all the contradictions. And, these contradictions birthed salvific heresy at the 2017 Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA, a conference solely geared towards 18-25 year olds.

Now, even though this post seems to bash the Passion Conference and bash Carrie Underwood, that is actually not the point of this post. This post is all about bashing the lyrics to the heretical song: Something in the Water. Ignorance of the true meaning of these lyrics was PART of the issue that caused the contradictions mentioned above. Ignorance of the true meaning of these lyrics was PART of the issue that caused salvific heresy to be taught to over 50,000 young millennials, who affirmed what was taking place through their “praises”.

The very first lyrical issue that must be addressed is the fact that there is no mention of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a song all about “salvation”! No mention of Jesus Christ at all. No mention of His redemptive death on the cross. No mention of His victorious resurrection from the dead. No mention of faith or grace (except for the title of a song about grace). No mention of repentance of sin. The fact that this so-called Christian song does not mention anything about the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it worthy to be cut from the set list. But in reality, this truth makes this song worthy to not have even been discussed for a Christian conference!

I started writing a very detailed reflection on the lyrics of this song but realized that the only subjects that really need to be addressed is, of course, the previous paragraph and the chorus of this heretical song. The chorus is one phrase:

There must’ve been something in the water

Oh, there must’ve been something in the water

Why was this phrase sung at a so-called Christian conference? Why were over 50,000 people cheering when this phrase was sung? This phrase is heresy! There’s no other way to view it! Even if this phrase was used as a figure of speech, it was irresponsible to use such a phrase with all the controversial views of baptism and salvation. This phrase makes the power of salvation in water, instead of in the blood of Jesus Christ. This phrase TEACHES that the way of salvation is through baptism, not through Jesus Christ. There is nothing in water that could ever save a person. There is nothing that we could ever do, like get baptized, that could ever save us. In Romans 6:1-11, Paul portrays water baptism as the physical act whereby believers identify with Christ in his death and resurrection. Those who have been justified by faith (Romans 5:1), consider themselves dead to sin and alive to Christ, and their baptism portrays this truth. IT IS NOT the water of baptism that frees us from sin, but the blood of Christ (Hebrews 9). There is so much more that could be said on this topic, but today, I simply pray that the Lord will open eyes to a more biblical view of baptism. A view of baptism that exalts Christ, not man or water. En Cristo Solo!

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