ronnies-boysI speak on behalf of my fellow brothers who claim this label: it is an honor to be a Ronnie’s Boy. There are two reasons why we embrace this label: (1) Because of the man whose name is in the label, Bro. Ronnie Tarver. (2) Most importantly, because of who Bro. Ronnie’s life represented and exalted, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bro. Ronnie is one of the most Godliest and easy-going men we know. The love of the Scriptures was so evident in his preaching, teaching, and everyday conversation. God the Father conformed Bro. Ronnie into the image of His precious Son, Jesus Christ, and He used Bro. Ronnie in a powerful way in the process of conforming us into the image of Christ. We have all came to Bro. Ronnie for Godly wisdom, either through sitting under his teaching and preaching or individually seeking guidance. We knew that whatever Bro. Ronnie had to say was going to be worth our attention because of his love for Christ, the True Church/Invisible Church, the Scriptures, and his love for us.

Like Ashton has already said in the previous post regarding Bro. Ronnie, he was a man of education, a whopping three doctorates! You would have never known unless someone else told you. He was a humble man who did not boast in the many letters after his name. Because of everything I have mentioned already, Bro. Ronnie was a powerful preacher. When he was in the pulpit, Bro. Ronnie demanded your undivided attention, and you could not help but to give it. But, not only was his art of preaching finely tuned, Bro. Ronnie earnestly sought the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit preached through Bro. Ronnie all over the world. I will not even attempt to make a list of all the countries because I do not know them all. Also, because of his many travels, Bro. Ronnie was fluent in Spanish and declared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many Hispanics in their own language.

Everything Bro. Ronnie accomplished in his life, which were many things, was not accomplished in his own strength. Everything Bro. Ronnie accomplished in his life, was not for his own glory. The sinful, wicked, alcoholic man named Ronnie Tarver was given a new heart and made into a new creature by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This man who was once a slave to sin and satan, was made a slave to Jesus Christ. The now redeemed sinner was then called into the Christ-centered ministry of preaching the very Word of God. Bro. Ronnie is not glorified through what he accomplished for the Kingdom of God; only Jesus Christ is glorified by accomplishing the Father’s will for and through Bro. Ronnie.

God is good because He justifies us in spite of our sinfulness. God is good because He continues to sanctify us in spite of our sinfulness. And, God is good because He has glorified Bro. Ronnie and will one day glorify us to His presence where we will worship and glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forever, Amen. En Cristo Solo!

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