I am a diehard LSU fan. I nearly sang when I heard the news of Les Miles’ termination. I was ecstatic. Everyone I encountered for quite some space of time shared my sentiments on the issue. There was, and at the time of writing still is, the daunting question, however, of who was going to replace him. Who will take over as the Head Coach of the LSU Fightin’ Tigers? I want to explore the implications of that question.

Firstly, the question implies that the position must be filled. There is no question as to whether someone will fill the position, but as to who will fill it. It is a given that there will be a person to fill the vacancy. But, why? Why must a person fill the vacancy? There must be order. If there is no person acting as Head Coach, a football team is doomed from the outset. Have you ever considered this fact? Think about what would happen if someone did not take the position. There would be no order, direction or guidance whatever. The team would experience total anarchy and loss of identity. Indeed, the vacancy causes us great problems. Think now to your own job. Were you to be terminated, your responsibilities would befall someone else. There would be no void there. Think now to government. What happened when John F. Kennedy was killed? He was replaced. Positions, not only need to be filled, they must. Think of the air you breathe. You take one breath and the next portion of air waits patiently at the entrance of your nostrils. Though you breathe it in copiously, more is always there to replace it and it is displaced by CO2 thus keeping the atmosphere stable because there is no void. Do you get the picture?


The same is true of religion. For those who are so dearly fond of our “separation of church and state,” there is no such separation. Every government is a theocracy, that is, built around some notion of a god, or theos, hence the word. You may say something to the tune of, “But, that is one of the strongest pillars upon which this great country stands,” or, “I do not want a government that governs in such a religious way.” I understand your sentiments. A completely and totally objective government is what I, too, desire. This is an impossibility, however if the Eternal, Holy, Triune God is not the head of the state. So, tough luck.

We see with each passing day that our own government is a theocracy masquerading around under the guise of indifferent secularism. There are laws being passed all around the country stating that teachers may not teach Creationism, but must instead teach evolution though it has no more substantiation. Laws are likewise being passed stating that churches cannot condone or advocate political figures from the pulpit, that all bathrooms ought to be open to members of the opposite sex claiming to be what they anatomically are not and that bakers, photographers and other artists cannot operate under Christian convictions. This is all done to protect the dogma of the religion of liberal secularism.

You see, when the idealistic politicians of yesteryear even through to today argued for the religious objectivity of government, they did so with a godless utopia in their imagined future. They did not consider that when Christianity was eventually ousted, a different religion would come in to fill the void left by the departure of the faith once for all delivered to the saints. This void is filled by the likes of Islam in London and some isolated communities in America, and in the rest of the Western world, godlessness. Atheistic, evolutionary secularism is the popular religion of the United States of America despite the numbers showing that seventy percent of Americans are Christians.

Once we turn away from God, in government or personal life, he will give us up to our passions. (Romans 1) Therefore, we ought to turn from our idolatrous ways to Christ and him alone. Our particular theocracy ought to be built around the only true Theos. When we usurp the throne of God, we, as Christians, similarly to LSU fans, may just find ourselves in a worse position than when we had him at the helm. Do not, I implore you brethren, bow to the current zeitgeist, or “spirit of the age.” Soli Deo Gloria.

Matthew 6:24 (ESV)

24 “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

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