I mean not to put a man on a pedestal. No man is worth that. No man may be any more than nothing. God is everything. But that is the point of this post. In a deceptively dry spell in my spiritual life, Dr. Lawson’s preaching has refilled me with the Spirit. God’s Word has a profound way of lifting your own spirits and I strongly believe that, though chiefly it does, it does not always come from the reading of his Word itself but also from the pulpit.

I listened to Lawson’s sermon from the 2009 Shepherd’s Conference entitled, Guarding the Gospel, and after the things I have witnessed recently, was inspired to speak out against all of the most pronounced and contemporary attacks against the very gospel Dr. Lawson was preaching. So, without further adieu, here are a couple assaults on the Word of Truth and my thoughts and condemnations thereof:

1. The Young Messiah

To say that this is wrong is the largest understatement I can possibly muster. We maintain in Christian Orthodoxy, that Jesus Christ is God-incarnate. He is one hundred percent man and is yet still one hundred percent God. (A) This is the doctrine we refer to as the “Hypostatic Union”. HOW DARE YOU CLAIM THAT MARY AND JOSEPH HAD TO TELL JESUS CHRIST WHO HE IS? Mary had NO knowledge above Jesus Christ as to his OWN identity. If you claim to truly believe Christ is the ETERNAL SON OF THE LIVING GOD, and yet claim that Mary somehow knows something he does not, you are lying in one or more of your claims. The Young Messiah is the most heinous assault on the deity of Christ I have yet encountered. As Dr. Lawson said, “Give us some men who know the Truth!” This book and production depicts a Christ that is unsure of himself and is discovering his godliness as though he had not noticed that the other seven year olds around him were, unlike him, totally depraved human beings. This is a blind Christ not worth following, let alone worshipping.

A. Romans 9:5; Revelation 1:17-18

2. Ghostbusters 3 (Feminism)

If you are, as I am, a fan of the original Ghostbusters movies, then you probably do not remember it for the ghosts but rather from the iconic Bill Murray. There is a problem there though; Bill Murray is a man. Enter Ghostbusters 3. An all female lead cast make this movie a forced addition to a societal view that somehow women need to be in the spotlight. The problem is not that they appreciate women, but that women are being cast in the lead roles of society.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” – Genesis 2:18

Eve was not created to lead, but rather to follow Adam. In fact, the Fall of mankind occurred because Adam followed in Eve’s footsteps and not the other way around. (Genesis 3) This evil movement of women leading men is nothing other than a direct contradiction to very clear Scripture. The movement is headed up by none other than Hillary Clinton, the biggest infanticide proponent in history. Men were literally created to lead and this movie is yet another rebellion against the natural order of God. Women are unequivocally equal to men in value but there are distinct differences between the two sexes. Men are made for physically laboring while women are made to care for children and help men. Men are NOT mothers and women CANNOT be the fathers that sons and daughters so desperately need. It is no secret that the country is crumbling around us. It is a wonder, however, that we do not recognize the underlying causes.

These endeavors, The Young Messiah and Ghostbusters 3, and their underlying messages are going to be defeated by Jesus Christ and I implore you to put your faith in him lest you perish everlastingly. Love him or be loathed by him. Repent and believe or refrain and be hardened. Heed the Call of God.

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him. – Psalm 2:12

If you would like to listen to the sermons that so moved me to write this, here are the links:

Guarding the Gospel
We Buy the Truth

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