America was indeed beautiful. America has indeed experienced the shedding of God’s grace. But from whence does that beauty come? And from whence flows that wondrous grace? Douglas Wilson, a pastor and apologist from Idaho, would argue that beauty is only beauty because God has defined beauty and that without God there can be no honest assessment of beauty and how to define it. The “shedding” of grace seems to be a reference to the shedding of the blood of the Lamb who was slain.

Douglas Wilson debates theism from beauty. This is quite the lengthy video but it lays out wonderfully the point I am trying to make.

These things are so fundamental and foundational to our view of the world and yet we, as Christians, so often let them go unsaid by the wayside. We just celebrated our “Independence Day” but what have we to celebrate? The “liberties” we have are only there because the Lord has placed them there. Why celebrate a nation that is literally hell-bent on scorning Him? What was once beautiful about America was our unwavering loyalty to the God of the Bible and the grace that was shed was the response of God to our allegiance to Him. We live in what can only be seen as the most blessed country that has ever existed and we are, every day, fighting tooth and nail to put an end to it. Instead of echoing the rhetoric of Job in “the LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away blessed be the name of the LORD,” we embrace that of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.” Rom. 1:21.

We are NOT independent. God IS independent. We must depend on Him or we will fall. Let us do what Ninevah did and repent of our foolish ways. Repent of our same-sex “marriage” and our infanticide we so lovingly euphemized “abortion”. And these things are NOT possible without turning to Christ and believing in His holy name and work.

I had these things occur to me yesterday as I was on the river eating hamburgers and hot dogs and contemplating the staggering cost of fireworks against my own meager bank account. That is not what this is about. The gospel is what this is about. As Christ so plainly lays out in the gospel according to Mark chapter one verse fifteen, “…repent ye, and believe the gospel.” Unless we do this, America, the beautiful will be a thing of antiquity and unattainable from here on. Donald Trump cannot make America great again and Hillary Clinton is not the savior and equalizer of women. These claims belong to Christ alone. May God lead us to faith in Christ and may He have mercy on our souls.

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