The name of my blog is Contending for the Faith. This name actually has some pretty deep roots in my soul. I was saved when I was sixteen and experienced a call into the ministry of Jesus Christ shortly thereafter. I approached my pastor about the call on my life and his response was one that I will never forget.

I explained to him that I had listened to a sermon that a teacher of mine recommended entitled “Why I chose to believe the Bible” by Voddie Baucham (I mispronounced his name) and had thereby become sure of the calling. He proceeded to tell me of a seminary class he was attending on a weekly basis with a group of godly brothers. I got acquainted with and became very close with everyone in the class and we came up with our biggest and best idea. We wanted to sponsor a conference to combat the heretical and casual approach to Christianity in general and preaching in particular. We wanted to, above all else, glorify the Lord and Savior of our lives, Jesus Christ. One of the brothers in the class had recently done a study through the book of Jude and he suggested a name. The Contenders Conference had been born in the spirit of Jude 3 and upon the same foundation I fashion this blog.

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