Isn’t it strange how the newness of a thing makes it all the more enthralling? I can think of several examples, actually. Let’s start with relationships. When a young man begins a relationship with a young lady, there is nothing in the world that could draw his attention away from her. A few short months later he can think of nothing else but the end of this dreadful drudgery of a relationship. The same can be applied to work. When a person first begins at a particular workplace the job seems to be one of the greatest you’ve stumbled into. Five months later you are appalled at the notion that you will be there for even another year.

Indeed it is quite the danger when starting anything and that is where I am currently in regards to blogging. Relationships can become marriages and jobs can become careers. Newness is not our enemy necessarily. It is simply fleeting. My exhortation is that you would pray for me in this endeavor that I may glorify Christ in my doings. I hope that this is not a fleeting “phase” I am going through but rather a glorious, purpose-filled journey that I would grow through and maybe help my brothers and sisters to grow with me in the process.

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